About us

We created work eat laugh repeat for working parents, partners  and solo flying food fans who want fast, awesome or fancy meals with ideas on how to use the leftovers.

So often family food blogs or recipe blogs for the average Joe are created by a stay at home parent, or a professional food writer who has time to cook fabulous food and take wonderful pictures of an idealistic life. We found magazine recipes aimed at the same professional crowd tend to have the same issue – not just taking too much time to be practical for everyday life, but also, not all of these recipes work!

However, not every meal is cooked in a rush, and sometimes you want to create something that impresses. So take your time, learn new techniques, and produce something worthy of a dinner party or restaurant.

This blog uses two different cooks to create the same meal in two styles:

A fast and practical, family tested version, yet still tasty and attractive. These are created by Renee, a working parent sharing her ideas on practical, efficient living, with loads of children.

And the hard-core fancy, make-it-from-scratch, totally amazing, restaurant quality, show-off version. Created by Chef ScottyB, a high-end chef who lives in a kitchen, plays with knives, and just wants to escape around the world and eat.

But that’s not all. Food waste is one of the biggest costs to a household, and in this blog we will give you a leftovers idea for every meal we create.

Together, we will give you ideas, discuss food fads and help you organise your home kitchen like a restaurant.


Please leave any feedback… We welcome your comments

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