Renee G

rg at caros wedding 201403 cropped

I am a working parent with four kids, a husband and a desk job in the horse racing industry. I am not a jockey, nor a chef. But I love to eat, and I like to cook. I hate cleaning, so that’s what my husband and children do.

My contribution to this blog is ‘how to cope with the witching hour’. You know, that hour between arriving home from work and eating dinner. The hour that sounds a bit like this:

“Do your list” “Can I have the iPad?” “When you’ve done your list.”

“Mama, I’m starving. Can I have an apple?” “Can’t you see I’m making dinner now? No apples” “What about a banana? Can I have a banana?”

“Mama, do you know when the first brick was made?”

“Can you bowl for me?” “I’m cooking, ask Vincent” “But he doesn’t want to.”

Add to this, a toddler howling and holding tight to my leg, and chaos reigns in this hour.

Somehow in this time, I manage to throw together a dinner that is vaguely nutritious, and usually yum. Quite often we have leftovers, which I thought was normal until a fellow parent from school was amazed when she dropped by and we were having leftovers on pizza. She said “I never know what to do with leftovers. I usually just chuck them out.”

I hope you enjoy reading the stories that Scott (my brother-in-law) and I put together here.


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