Chef ScottyB


I have spent the last 12 years of my life a slave to some of the finest stoves in the southern hemispheres busiest kitchens, getting burned, cut, yelled at and suffering the soul crushing exhaustion that comes par for the course in the ‘glamorous’ life of a commercial cook. But also I spent this time soaking up the lessons and flavours of some of the finest culinary captains the industry has to offer.

My passion has lead me to the classiest clothed tables of the worlds finest restaurants, to plastic chairs in the Southeast Asia’s grimiest roadside markets stalls. Each meal and adventure (some more adventurous than others!) and each bite yielding some new lesson I will carry with me forever, and integrate into my own, ever evolving food philosophy . So, through years of pain and joy, I’d say I have picked up a thing or two about cooking.

One is that even the most intimidating, seemingly technical dishes can be broken down into manageable chunks and executed by anyone with a basic grasp on cooking techniques. The other is that if you truly want to create amazing food the key ingredients are patience and common sense. While I cannot give you these, what I can give you is the recipes and techniques to take your everyday meals and breathe new life into these tired old dinner table staples. My only hope with this project is to ignite the pilot light to set your passion for cooking ablaze.


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