Leftover lasagne

Never waste an opportunity when you have fresh pasta in the house. My favourite use for this is to make cannelloni. If you have some braised beef and cauliflower puree left then this will be easy. Roll, cut and cook your pasta as described in the ‘Pasta Dough’ recipe in the ‘Lush Lasagne’ post.

Lay a sheet of cling film onto the bench and spray with non-stick cooking spray. Lay your pasta in the middle of the front edge of the plastic. Spoon the beef into a line along the pasta. Pick up the end of the plastic turn the pastry over on itself and make a tight tube. Roll your meat tube tightly in the plastic wrap and tie off the one end with a knot. Twist the other end a few times to make it even tighter then tie that end off too. Heat some of the braising liquor to use as a sauce, also heat the cauliflower puree and put into a bottle. Drop your cannelloni into boiling water for 4 minutes to heat through. Put a big blob of puree onto a warm plate and smear it with the back of a spoon. Cut one end off the plastic with a sharp knife and carefully slide the pasta log out of the plastic onto your plate. Repeat this with another cannelloni next to the first on the plate. Spoon your warm braising liquor sauce over the top, and then garnish with fresh herbs truffle oil and shaved parmesan  (if you want).

For the full recipe on how to make the lasagne check out Chef Scotty B’s Lush Lasagne.


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